2017 Football Season Recap

Brendan Gill, Sports Editor

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The Varsity football team had a great season this year. The team went 5-1 this regular season, having their only loss to South Pasadena in the championship. The team started the season strong, with huge wins over La Canada, with a score of 26-0, another win over Jefferson, 22-0, a win over Oak Ave 22-6, a close win over the rival school, South Pasadena 12-8, and the team’s final win over Santa Fe 28-8, with their only loss to South Pasadena in the District Championship. Although the team did lose in the Championship game to South Pasadena, it was not the end of the road for the HMS team. The top 2 teams of each district go onto regionals, and because HMS finished second in their district, they continued onto regionals. The team started with 22 players, but only 16 were allowed into regionals. The 16 that stayed were Jayden Hollomand (8), Brendan Long (8), Maximillian Grizzel (7), Brendan Gill (8), Miles Leyva (8), Michael Prappas (8), Michael Azinge (8), Alex Chuang (8), Ryan Qu (8), Cole Giles (8), James Bell (8), Nikolas Mavridis (8), Andrew Hornberger (8), Diego Pena (8), Cameron Richardson (8), and William Hotaling (8). The team was set, until some players decided to leave for other things. Pena, Azinge, and Hollomand all left the team for Basketball. This brought the team to 13 players, but Coaches Dika Firmansyah and Moises Arreola decided to bring up Ryan Singhal (7) from the JV team. Singhal left the team after a week, bringing the team back to 13 players. Then, Long and Hotaling both sustained hand injuries, taking them out for the season. This loss brings the team to 11 players, which is difficult to work with, but possible. The 11 man team worked very hard for a good month, up until November 28th, when it was time for their first regionals game. The team lost to Pasadena, 28-6, sending them to the Losers bracket. The next game was on the 29th, the day after their first loss. The team took another loss, but this game was much closer. HMS lost 12-6, but overall had a pretty good game. This was the end of the football season for the team. The boys had a great run, but sadly had to come to an end.

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