Super Bowl 2018 Eagles vs. Patriots

Brendan Gill & Daniel Dosti, Sports Editor & Staff Writer

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One of the greatest events that happen in modern times today is the Super Bowl. This year the Eagles and Patriots took place in Super Bowl 52. The game score ended 41 to 33 with the Eagles winning. The Eagles had amazing plays throughout the game leading to the win. A few records were made and broken in the process. Some of those records include beating the most combined yards in a single game. The two teams racked up 1,151 yards combined, beating the previous record of 1,133 yards, made by the Los Angeles Rams and New York Yankees in the 1950’s. Another personal record was set by Tom Brady, beating his personal record of 466 yards, by 39 yards, throwing for 505 yards. Tom Brady would have gotten his 6th super bowl ring, which would be the most super bowl rings by a single person. Pink performed the National Anthem before the game. Malcolm Butler was emotional during the Anthem. Some speculate it is because he was benched for the whole game, believed to be due to a rumor of a curfew violation, or due to a sickness he had the previous week, making it a rough practice week for Butler. Some Patriots fans are even saying the reason they lost is because Butler did not get any time in the game. The super bowl MVP, Nick Foles, had one of the best games in a super bowl. Foles racked up 373 passing yards completing 28 of his 43 pass attempts.

The first quarter was tight, but the Eagles barely outscored the Patriots 9-3. The Eagles were going for short, quick passes avoiding the Patriots defense the best they could. The game started off with an Eagles field goal. The Patriots quickly tied the Eagles with a field goal themselves. The Eagles then scored a touchdown, but could not score the extra point. By the end of the first quarter, the Eagles were up 9-3.

In the second quarter, the game started off quick, with the Patriots gaining ground quickly, but could not make the 26 yard field goal. Malcolm Jenkins delivered a devastating hit to Brandin Cooks, taking him out for the game. The Patriots tried a trick play where Brady would catch a ball and hopefully run it in for a touchdown, but it seemed that Brady had ‘butterfingers’, because he missed a pass that could have been taken in for a touchdown. The Eagles then scored, putting them up 15-6. The Eagles then scored a Touchdown, putting the game at a close score of 15-12 before the half. On 4th and goal, the Eagles were at the 1.5 yard line with 38 seconds left in the half. The Eagles decided to try to pull of the same trick play the Patriots tried earlier, but the difference was that the Eagles did score the touchdown, putting them up even more, the score of 22-12.

Justin Timberlake performed at the halftime, singing many of his hits like “Filthy,” “Rock Your Body,” “Senorita,” “SexyBack,” “My Love,” “Cry Me a River,” “Suit & Tie,” “Until the End of Time,” “I Would Die 4 U,” “Mirrors,” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” There was even a special feature performance of a video of Prince singing “I Would Die 4 U” while Justin played the piano. This broke the rumor that there was going to be a hologram of Prince during the performance.

In the 3rd quarter, the Patriots outscored the Eagles 14-7, closing in the deficit by 3 points, 29-26. Many fans started freaking out because they thought the Patriots were back in the game. The 4th quarter was tough fought on both teams, but pretty much ended due to a Patriots’ fumble caused by Brandon Graham, and was recovered by the Eagles. The Eagles then took the game slow, and ended with a deep ‘Hail Mary’ pass that was caught by no one. The game ended with a score of Eagles 41-Patriots 33. Eagles fans went insane due to the fact it was their team’s first Super Bowl win ever. Fans were jumping on cop cars, smashing windows, breaking stop lights, and many other criminal acts, while the fans were screaming “FLY EAGLES FLY.”

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