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HMS Participates in “Rise Against Hunger” Food Packing Event

Mayzee Hsu, Editor-in-Chief

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As 895 million people starve worldwide, thousands are participating in “Rise Against Hunger” to give meals in hopes of decreasing the numbers of hungry families. “Rise Against Hunger” is an international hunger relief organization founded in 1998. Until 2005, this foundation did not distribute food and aid. During their first year, participants packaged a total of 25,000 meals, and by 2017 over 1.5 million meals were distributed. Currently there’s more than 398,000 volunteers helping this cause, and by 2030 “Rise Against Hunger” hopes to end world hunger. Not only do they provide meals for thousands around the world, the hunger relief foundation also responds to crisis relief and promoting agricultural programs to all. Over 74 countries have been benefited from this, and from 2005 to now over 381 million meals have been packaged, and 1.4 million people volunteered. “Rise Against Hunger” headquarters are located in various US states, India, Malaysia, Philippines, and Italy.

“Rise Against Hunger” has come to HMS on April 24th to teach students the value of teamwork, efficiency, and helping those who are less fortunate through packaging 36,000 meals. In every period, social studies classes step out of the classroom to participate. With all grades combined, and around 150 students in the cafeteria, each student is provided plastic gloves and hairnets to ensure cleanliness during the procedures. There are three stations: the funnels, sealing, and packaging. The funnels fill the bags up with a vitamin pack, a cup of soy, a spoonful of vegetables, and a cup of rice per bag. Sealing stations weigh the bags, taking out or putting in rice to ensure it’ll be between 387-394 grams, and then seal it, passing the bins of bags to the final station. Packaging stations make sure all bags are sealed properly and place them in boxes in an alternating two horizontal, three vertical pattern so all space will be used.

Each period is expected to finish 6,000 meals to obtain the 36,000 meals goal by the end of the school day. Every time 1,000 meals are finished and ready to ship, a gong is hit and everyone takes a few seconds to celebrate their milestone. HMS students worked hard and quick, with teachers supervising and supplying ingredients in the back. However, the suppliers’ work cannot be overshined by the students and staff. Big thanks also goes to the Chinese Club of San Marino and Rotary Club of San Marino for funding this big project. This is HMS’s second year of volunteering, and hopefully it won’t be the last. “Rise Against Hunger” is an exceptional way to help the school come together in hopes of helping others.

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HMS Participates in “Rise Against Hunger” Food Packing Event