Should Phones Be Allowed During School Hours? NO!

David F., Guest Writer

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Phones should not be allowed to be used during school because of possible cheating, game playing, and the fact that they can’t be monitored. Cheating using phones is extremely easy, all you have to do is pull out the phone and google the question. This can be unfair to students who don’t cheat on tests, quizzes and final exams.

Outside of class, they can distract students who should be studying or reading. Phones also make kids less social, as students will be buried into their phone instead of making friends and relationships.

Phones can also distract from learning in class. This can frustrate teachers and make them mad. That can lead to fighting and arguments. The Kaiser Family Foundation says, “The transformation of the cell phone into a media content delivery platform has… facilitated an explosion in entertainment media consumption among American youth.” Which can affect students during school by watching videos and playing games in class.

A recent study in London proved phone usage deters learning and enrichment. The study calculated that Schools that allowed phones did worse in tests than schools that didn’t allow phones. This study proves that phones shouldn’t be used during school. But this doesn’t mean phones shouldn’t be at school, but just not used and kept in lockers to prevent misuse.

Phones can also spark cyberbullying, which is an online equivalent of bullying. When students are on their phones all the time, cyberbullying can happen more often due to students being on their phones for too long. A survey conducted in the New York School District showed that the year phones were not allowed had less bullying than the year they allowed phones. This survey demonstrates that cyberbullying rates are higher with cell phones at school

In general, you can see how cell phones can distract and make students do worse than kids who don’t use phones. That is why students shouldn’t bring their phones to class.


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