School Uniforms Should Not Be Mandatory

Leo Luo, Guest Writer

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Nowadays, there are lots of schools that ask students to wear uniforms, but obviously students are very unwilling. Every boy or girl wants to wear some clothes that are soft or popular. But not the perceived heavy or ugly school uniforms.

First, in America, everybody has freedom. But the school uniforms restrict students’ freedom of expression. The first Amendment of the US says everyone has the right to freely express their opinion. Also, students have the most basic right to self-determination. So they can choose to wear what they want.

Second, school uniforms do not improve attendance academic preparedness, or exam results. School uniforms are only on the surface, not the inside. Students don’t care about their uniforms, they just care about video games and food, not their studies. So when they wear uniforms, it doesn’t help. It only wastes money.

Third. Nowadays, many uniforms are made from bad material or very hard material. And this give students not a comfortable feeling, this keeps them from concentrating in class.

Lastly, if the student pays money to buy the uniform, and does not like the color or the material, what can he/she do? The school will force that student to wear the uniform and the student may become defiant. So the best way to avoid these issues is for students to wear their own clothes. Guidelines for what is appropriate to wear should be in place. However, I think the decision should be left to students and their parents/guardians.

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