School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory

Aristotle Kaporis, Guest Writer

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School uniform is a routine used in many schools, and for great reasons. Main reasons include uniformity, evidence that it improves academic scores, and many others.

First of, Uniformity. With the same clothes no one can show off their money or show they are better. This way bullying and fights will lower in numbers since there is no bias of hierarchy. There also will be a drop in peer pressure since it sets an even playing field where there is no judgement on clothing.

Another reason is that there is correlation it improves focus and academic scores. This was concluded by Virginia Draa, an assistant professor at Youngstown State University, “found that schools with uniforms had improved attendance, higher graduation rates, and lower suspension rates.” Kids will no longer care about their clothes in weekdays being fashionable since they have it set for them and more about their academics. Because of the way most are made, using a very durable material, they withstand wear and make it so they don’t need to worry about getting them dirty and if they’re too expensive, but instead focus on academics.

There are also many other reasons. These include a more serious atmosphere, correlation with higher scores where higher performing schools have them, making time in the morning shorter because they don’t need to choose clothing, and also boosts of school spirit and pride for their school which helps build mutuality and empathy for other kids.

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