Bill Murray

David F., Guest Writer

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Bill Murray, born September 21, 1950, has been a world-famous actor since the 70s and continues to be to date. His career has never seemed to slow down ever since he starred in Ghostbusters and CaddyShack. Ghostbusters, a movie about catching ghosts, and Caddyshack, a movie about a teen who caddies to get a scholarship. Both comedies are classics which people watch over and over again.

Murray has been acting since 1973, and has been in multiple instant classics like SNL, Ghostbusters, What About Bob, and Caddyshack. Murray has always been a household name since his major appearances in huge movies. Murray was first known for being on the cast of SNL but gained huge heat from the blockbuster trilogy of Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters which topped $588,942,100 total gross. Bill Murray also played roles in smaller movies like Isle of Dogs and Fantastic Mr. Fox. He also is a huge fan of golf and even has a golf shop online.

Bill has won multiple awards like best actor and best performance of an actor. He has also starred in St. Vincent, which depicts him as a grumpy old guy who was a good man but lost everything. Bill Murray is also very comedic, and his role in What About Bob shows his talent.

Bill is the fifth of nine children and is of Irish descent. His family are all big golf players and Bill and his brothers were all inducted into the Caddie Hall of Fame for caddying, which is basically being an assistant to golfers on the course, offering sticks and tees. Bill’s family has been caddying for 3 generations and is almost a lifelong tradition the family shares. When not caddying, you might see him in an upcoming movie in a theater near you.

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