Leo Luo

Kaitlyn Chan, Guest Writer

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Leo Luo, going into eighth grade, is a basketball player, and a video gamer.  He has been playing basketball since he was in the fourth grade, which is 3 years ago, so he plays very well. Now, he plays basketball casually after school, not on a team, and without a coach.  According to Leo, he plays basketball because “It’s… fun,” and if he couldn’t play basketball, he would play, “Soccer.” It’s funny because one sport uses only hands, and the other sport uses only feet. Leo is also a video gamer, for about three to four years.  He likes video games because they attract him, but luckily he isn’t addicted to them. Leo’s favorite game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. That game is commonly known as Pubg, a Battle Royale game, the original Fortnite, and he has been playing for slightly over a year.  Leo has gotten 1st place so many times he forgot, and his highest kill streak is 21 people, about 24% of the players. “Playing video games makes me feel happy and it is fun. It will never be boring for me,” Leo said.

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