Kaitlyn Chan

Leo Luo, Guest Writer

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Kaitlyn Chan is a piano player and a painter. She has been playing piano for seven years. She never stops playing piano and she is very interested in it, so she can play piano very well. Everyday, she will practice for about 20 minutes at home and her piano teacher comes by at least once a week, usually on Fridays. Kaitlyn chose to learn piano by herself, it wasn’t forced by her parents.  But she hasn’t got any prizes yet, but only because she has never competed against others. Her level is very high too, she is in level seven, the second to the last one. She told me if she got a chance to choose another instrument, she would choose violin. But now she doesn’t have that chance, so she will just continue learning piano. “I love playing piano, playing piano is interesting,” Kaitlyn Chan said.

Also, she likes painting.  She likes to paint all kinds of things, but is not that hard. She likes to paint whenever she feels like it. It takes about one weekend for Kaitlyn to finish a painting. The shortest time she spent on a painting was 2 days.

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