Aristotle Kaporis

Waylon Ho, Guest Writer

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Aristotle Kaporis likes dancing because dancing is fun and cool and very good exercise. He has been dancing for about 5 years and stopped and came back at 9 then stopped again and started back at 12. “ I dance around 1 hour a day. It depends how long the class is,” Aristotle said. His dancing got inspired from music that he likes. He loves Electronic music which influenced him for dancing. “Do you plan on making dancing a career?” I asked him, “It depends, we’ll see where my dancing takes me maybe or maybe not,” he said. Aristotle also likes to play action packed and fun adventure games. He thinks that Roblox makes the best game. He prefers video games rather than movies. “Video games keep me entertained and not bored all the time,” Aristotle said. Aristotle attends Pop Academy.

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