Waylon Ho

Aristotle Kaporis, Guest Writer

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Waylon Ho (8) is a student at Huntington Middle School, and he has a passion for swimming, maneuvering through water in a pool, and kung fu, a form of martial arts and self defence. He first got into swimming a very long time ago so he doesn’t remember what first got him in. What he does know, however, is that he dominates in breaststroke, which he finds to be his best way of getting around in the water. Despite his current position and skill for swimming, he doesn’t seem to have an interest to pursue it as a career and go professional, but instead a hobby and a fitness routine. “Swimming is good exercise,” Waylon said.

Just like with swimming, Waylon doesn’t know what started his interest in kung fu because of starting at a younger age. He is currently at the blue and black belt, which is ranked 6.5/9, or 72% to black belt. This is the only form of martial arts he has done, and he enjoys his time with it.

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