Dakota Hedgepeth

David F., Guest Writer

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And, Cut!!! Dakota Hedgepeth, an actor who just recently acted in a Nickelodeon commercial, is very positive about her future career. She plans to do it as a job, and the goal isn’t out of reach. She has been acting for a long time, and always sought inspiration even when times got rough. Like when she acted for a PSA. “Wasn’t that bad, we didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t know where to go,” Dakota said. Even though she has had bad experiences, the people on set can be really nice, and encouraging. And she has had a lot of good experiences in acting that outweigh all of the negatives that come with it. Even though you have to do schooling in acting, the experience still is fun and enjoyable to Dakota, who loves to act. And even when it can get frustrating to a point where it seems there is no hope, Dakota will persevere and make the cut. “I never had a really bad experience with acting,” Dakota concluded.

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