6th Grade Sports Themed Dance — 9/14/18

David F.

David F., Staff Writer

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“YES!” Evan Bruno responded when asked if the food was great at the dance? “The food was probably the best part at this first dance of the year,” Bruno said. The atmosphere and vibe were also amazing. From all of the dance offs, loud music, and hanging out with friends it was a unique opportunity for sixth graders to take part in. On September 14th, 2018, the sports themed dance, sponsored by our PTA, occured. Most, if not all were having a great time, and there were a variety of activities to take part in like the bean-bag toss and a huge connect four. The photo booth was also a hit, many people got their photos taken at the event. The churros were a success. “The food was probably the best part. Also, I liked how I got a chance to hang out with friends,” Christopher Park, who ate multiple churros, said. Some other foods they had at the dance were hot dogs, fruit, and chips. Many people were dancing, and were very enthusiastic about it. Some were doing the worm and other popular dance moves.

Whit Watlington, pictured, attempted to do the worm. Before it got dark, most were outside, in the library quad area, talking and socializing. This was a change from previous dances where all activities were held inside the cafeteria.

The WEB leaders, mostly 8th graders, also enjoyed being around the 6th graders. As leaders, they had to volunteer at the dance. This is a a very big commitment for them to make. The 6th grade dance was definitely a success, and the next dance is on November 9th. We all look forward to this event, so try to be there if you weren’t at the last one!


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