7th/8th Grade Dance — 9/7/18

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7th/8th Grade Dance — 9/7/18

Chloe Tseng and Sophia Hou, Staff Writers

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Our HMS ASB officers sponsored a carnival themed dance on Friday, September 7th. Many 7th and 8th grade students attended and enjoyed a wide variety of activities and treats. They offered lots of different varieties of sodas, lemonade, and water. Also included were boxes of pizzas and bags of chips. The carnival dance had many mixed feelings. Fiona Mao (7th), said, “It needed more games…Yet, I enjoyed many of the things available.”

Many students believed that the dance was fun and they would attend again. Sammy Chang (7th) told us, “Yes, I enjoyed the dance. Something I would change is to add better food. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and listening to the songs. I will be attending future dances,  but not the formal!” The dance was a fun experience for many students and an introduction for an amazing year to come. Others thought that the dance was boring and could use improvement. Frida Mota (7th) said, “It was kind of boring and I would probably change some of the activities.” At the carnival themed dance, there were games such as bean bag toss, hit the cans, and ping pong cups. Also, students could request their favorite songs. If they were lucky, the DJ played their requested music.  There was also a guessing game where you can try and find the number of skittles in a jar. Many students played the raffle games with tickets they won from the other games. The winners got plushies, candy, gift cards, and even headphones. Also available was free shaved ice for everyone in attendance! To redeem one, you would have to use a ticket you received from entering the dance and turn it in. The shaved ice had a vast amount of flavors to choose from. Amber Keys (7th) said, “Yeah the dance was really fun. I wouldn’t change anything, everything was fine. I liked being able to enjoy the dance with my friends, and yes, I will be attending future dances.”  


                                                                                            Sammy Chang (7th)

                                                                                       Fiona Ma (7th)

                                                                                            Frida Mota (7th)

                                                                                  Amber Keys (7th)

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