7th Grade Catalina Trip

Kiana Li and Isis Gil-Smith, Staff Writers

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Have you ever been to Catalina Island? The seventh graders went to Catalina for an outdoor educational trip starting from September 10 until September 14. They traveled by bus for about an hour, then transferred to a boat which took them to a dock on the island in under two hours. Catalina is an island 22 miles off the coast of southern California. Catalina had a nice sunrise and sunset, and also had a nice, sunny weather all day.

Catalina provided many first experiences and exciting activities, such as hiking, night snorkeling, a plankton lab and free time on the beach. The students at Catalina also dissected a squid. “The boat ride wasn’t a bad experience it was pretty fun, but I hated the food, I loved the skits because they were funny but I hated the shower,.”Allison Ramos said. Malia Yu stated, “I think Catalina was a great experience. What I enjoyed the most was kayaking, however, I disliked acting out my skit because it was embarrassing, and we messed up a little.” There seemed to be mixed reviews about this trip. “ I liked kayaking the best, but I hated the cabins,” Katelyn Li said.

Overall, Catalina had many mixed reviews but was a first time experience for many students, and even teachers! We encourage everyone to go to Catalina, in future years, and experience many different and exciting activities.



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