Undertale Review

Chloe Tseng, Staff Writer

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Undertale is a RPG game, also known as a role-playing game, that was created by Toby Fox. It was originally created on September 15th, 2015. The game was famous for having an interesting viewpoint on RPG games. The premise of the game is that a young child climbs a mountain named Mt. Ebott, a place with rumors that anyone who climbs the mountain will never come back. Upon climbing, the child trips over a root and falls into a deep hole, leading to the home of the monsters, also known as the Underground. Throughout the game, more information on the war between monsters and humans is learned. Humans defeated the monsters in the war and then banished them into the Underground. You meet many unique and fun characters that some may relate to. The RPG has an interesting twist since the player has the option of whether they want to be a pacifist and stay peaceful throughout the game, or go genocide and kill monsters to escape the underground. Depending on the route you choose, you get a different storyline. The pacifist route leads you through an adventure of friendship and hardship, you get an experience you don’t get in most RPG games. The genocide route gives you a dark and horrid storyline that allows you to gain monsters’ trust before killing them mercilessly. The two storylines have nothing in common, because even the characters in the game change. Their personalities change due to the fact you are either the villain or the heroin. I believe Undertale is an amazing game due to its storyline, funny characters, and amazing plot. A reviewer with the name Tyler Hicks wrote, “It’s also the sort of experience that encourages you to come back for a second or third round.” He also mentioned the game’s spectacular soundtrack that many players have enjoyed, he added, “It would be a crime not to mention Undertale’s soundtrack, which is loaded with beautiful bit-based melodies that blend perfectly with the action on-screen.”

The game has many fun fights and even the side monsters are interesting. Each of the monsters you encounter throughout the game have their own personalities and their attacks correspond to these traits. In the game, you meet some of the main characters. Depending on the route you chose, they can either be your friend or foe. However, in both routes, you will find that you still will need to defeat boss battles. I personally believe these characteristics of the game are entertaining since you get to see that the monsters in the RPG have feelings and thoughts. The locations in the game are also created beautifully. You can also engage in dates with some of the characters which is very strange, but still enjoyable. Many players have said that they felt attached to the game after playing the pacifist route and recommend it. The genocide route however has many different responses. Many players appreciate the separate storyline but did not enjoy the actual gameplay due to its dark plot. A user named HuskyInDenial wrote, “This game managed to move me and humble me and horrify me…” Others loved it since they found it very pleasant that they had a choice between two routes, almost as if you were playing two seperate games. Another group of players did not have fun playing the genocide route due to the amount of sadness in the game and how the child was merciless during the playthrough.

Overall, Undertale is an amazing game that I would recommend to players who would like a change of pace. The game has unique storylines with hilarious characters and many players found the experience of the game, Undertale, enjoyable. The game is available on many different platforms such as the PS4, PC, Mac, and recently on the Nintendo Switch. The game can be enjoyable for many ages and is an enjoyable game for almost everyone.



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