Huawei Pro 20 Review

Sophia Hou, Staff Writer

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The Huawei Pro 20 is the newest smartphone from a company in China called Huawei. It has a 6.1 inches display and 128GB of memory. Its battery can last longer than any phone America. The battery can last 14 hours, and if your phone runs out of battery during a emergency, huawei Pro 20 can force itself to last 15 minute longer. It can handle in one meter water for 30 minutes. “The triple camera is fabulous, it looks great and that battery life is so impressive other manufacturers should be embarrassed about their lacklustre performance,” David Snelling, Technology Editor of Huawei Pro 20, said. Its camera feature is better than the Pixel 2XL. It has three cameras and its audio is amazing. Its audio capabilities are respectable with clean, clear, powerful sound (for a smartphone) that only breaks down at the upper limits of its range. If you watch a movie on the Huawei Pro 20, the audio will make you feel like you are in the movie theater (Especially with earphones). The Face ID and the fingerprint password is faster than the iPhone XS Max. You don’t need to press the home button to do your Face ID. When you move your phone it turns on the sensor on the front camera  automatically, and all you need to do is put your phone in front of your face. Inside, the Huawei Pro 20, can save the information for two separate phones. Just pretend your secret plan for something is in one of the phone’s information and your password for that part is 12345. Your other part of the phone has nothing on it, and your password for that part of the phone is 678910. If you type 12345 for your password, it will have all of your secret profile. But if you type 678910, it will show nothing because it is functioning as another phone. Its back cover is made of real metal and there are six colors. The colors are Morpho Aurora, Pearl White, Twilight, Black, Pink Gold, and Midnight Blue. The Morpho Aurora has blue on the top and turns to purple, then from purple turns to black. The Twilight has purple on the top and turn to neon green. Many people enjoyed this phone, “One of the best camera phones you can have. From time to time it stutters but needs only the software updates that Huawei always does automatically. Overall, an amazing flagship phone,” an Amazon customer said. With all the great features of the Huawei Pro 20 you might think this phone is very expensive, but you are wrong. Compared with Apple, the Huawei Pro 20 is about the same price as the iPhone 8.



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