McDonald’s Restaurant Review

Katherine Yuan, Staff Writer

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Today, McDonald’s is a very famous restaurant all over the world. It serves 60 million customers daily in over 100 countries. An online review from TripAdvisor said, “This is a really good McDonald’s. Every time I go through the drive-thru it’s quick. I would say this is the quickest drive-thru of any fast food restaurants I go to. The food is good, also, if you’re in the mood for McDonald’s.” I agree with this person and I think the food at McDonald’s is very delicious.      

McDonald’s is famous for its burgers, french fries, breakfast menu, and milkshakes. The fun and interesting thing about the menu is that it is different depending on where you are in the world. These spectacular foods are all cooked in different ways. These menus have different tastes and flavors.  

Now let’s compare the McDonald’s menus in the U.S and in India. The breakfast items in India are the Veg McMuffin and the McEgg. However, in the U.S, there is a much wider variety of foods to choose from such as the fruit and yogurt parfait, sausage McGriddles, hotcakes, and so on. Also, the burgers and foods they sell in India have more vegetarian options. Some of the vegetarian foods in India are Veg Pizza McPuff, McSpicy Paneer and the Masala Grill Veg. Most people in India subscribe to a vegetarian diet. But the American McDonald’s have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. Now moving on to the drinks in the US and India. Actually, the drinks in India are considered limited compared to the ones in America. The drinks in McDonald’s in India include coke products, milkshakes, teas, and 3 different types of coffee. In comparison, The US menu has more coffee drinks such as lattes and mochas. The U.S. menu also includes beverages like smoothies and hot chocolate. Also, the number of menus in a American versus Indian restaurants is different. In America, there is only one menu for McDonald’s. However, in India, there are two different menus, one for North and East India and one for South and West India. The menu for South and West India has many more options, also, the menu has a wider range of desserts and drinks.

I think McDonald’s is a wonderful restaurant. The difference of their menus in different cities and the range of options in different places is very interesting.  


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