17-18 Football Tryouts — Teams Selected.

Brendan Gill, Sports Editor

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Football tryouts began 8/21/17-8/23/17. The football tryouts are for travel football teams, including the Junior Varsity team (JV), for the sixth and seventh graders, and the Varsity team, consisting of mainly eighth graders, and possibly even a seventh grader or two. Usually, around 18-25 kids make the team every year, while sometimes 30 kids or more can try out. This means you are not guaranteed a spot on the team. The 3 days of tryouts consist of evaluations, conditioning, and to see how kids work as a team. Sometimes the conditioning is at the very beginning of practice, and sometimes at the very end, depending on the coach’s daily plan. The conditioning is quite brutal. “Conditioning was really difficult, and pushed everyone to their limits,” Riley Short (7) who tried out for JV football, said. Some kids would drop out due to conditioning, while others were ok with the conditioning, but only under a few circumstances. “I like to condition when water is also provided,” Niko Mavridis (8) said. Although water is not provided, coaches do provide water breaks, and there is a water fountain located behind the minors baseball field. When the conditioning is over, evaluations start. The evaluation drills are meant to show the coaches what you are capable of doing as a player. These drills consist of wide receiver route running drills, quarterback throwing drills, offensive blocking drills, defensive drills, linemen drills, scrimmages, and flag pulling drills. When all of the tryouts are over, the coaches decide on who has made the team. The team is usually posted one or two days after tryouts end, right outside the boys locker room ramp. This year, the teams were posted Thursday, August 24th. This year’s junior varsity team has 19 members, including James Aguilar (7), Jayan Anvekar (6), Cider Canon (7), Luke Chapman (7), Nicholas Escamilla (6), David Feffer (7), Tyler Giddings (7), Ryan Gulick (7), Brayden Herrera (7), Adrian Huang (6), Jonah King (6), Truman Koch (7), Christopher Mo (6), Coleman Morning (6), Ryan Park (6), Alexander Parwar (7), Beckham Pellant (7), Riley Short (7), and Ryan Singhal (7). This year’s varsity football had 21 kids tryout, and 21 kids made it. Varsity team members include Michael Azinge (8), Jay Bell (8), Alex Chuang (8), Cole Giles (8), Brendan Gill (8), Owen Grannis (8), Max Grizzell (7), Jayden Hollomand (8), Andrew Hornberger (8), Will Hotaling (8), Timothy Irie (8), Lex Leckband (8), Miles Leyva (8), Brendan Long (8), Jack Lovelock (8), Niko Mavridis (8), Michael Prappas (8), Ryan Qu (8), Cameron Richardson (8), Jason Tricarico (8), and Ryan Zhang (8). Good luck to both teams this year and GO FOXES!

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