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Fun In School? Noontime Fun!

Bocheng Zheng, Staff Writer

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Take a moment and imagine the idea of a school in your head. Well, you probably thought school as place where you would do boring studying. But then again, who said you can’t have some fun? That would be the case for HMS. At our school there is a event called noontime fun, which takes place every month. This is when HMS would have a event for students who signed up for it to attend and enjoy themselves. Volunteers such as parents and citizens from San Marino would come to help the event. It is a good way for students to relax and have fun during the school’s lunch break. The event has been going on for years and with many students signed up. This year, the first noontime fun happened the 23 of August. The new 6th graders also experienced their first noontime fun. The first noontime fun had one of the best events to do during summer. The event involved getting the students to have water on their body to cool them off in the hot summer day. The noontime fun also gets many praise from the students of HMS. One of the students, Aaron Lee, said, “It was very fun.” The students in the events, would get soft balls that had been soaked in water to throw at each other. This allows the students to have fun and not get hurt. The noontime fun would last all  the way until lunch break ends. After noontime fun, students can go to their next class with a relaxed attitude. This way they would have more attention in class and perform better. Another one of the students, Sean Chan said, “Water day was very wet and very fun.” Throughout the year there will be many more noontime fun events for students to attend. Each one of the noontime fun events are special and can entertain the students in many ways. Lucas Chan also said, “The two years I attended, each one of the noontime activities are all different and entertaining.”  The noontime fun might be one of the reasons why HMS is so special.

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Fun In School? Noontime Fun!