BACk to School: The Barth Athletic Complex

Mayzee Hsu, Opinion Editor

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A new year means new students, new staff, and in this case a new campus. Huntington Middle School’s campus has began construction on a new gymnasium, the Barth Athletic Complex. Andrew and Avery Barth, being the main donors, donated millions of dollars for the $14 million BAC to be built, resulting in the building named after their surnames. Construction began this summer 2017 and will be completed two years later in 2019. They are currently refurbishing the building that housed Mrs. Bruner’s and Mrs. Nordsten’s classrooms. Because they are working on the athletic complex at the moment, a section of the campus is fenced off, therefore implementing the “all students need to wait on the blacktop until 7:54 AM” rule to ensure safety for students.
The two-story gymnasium not only will house a gym for physical education and athletics, but various other rooms thanks to many generous donors. Rooms include two media classrooms, provided with donations from the Lo and Su families. Donations were also contributed to this project from the Weiss family, Pat Haden (The Fletcher Jones Foundation), the William Hurt Foundation, and the Chinese Club of San Marino. Besides containing a gym and two media classrooms, the Barth Athletic Complex includes a fitness room, boys and girls team rooms, and a multipurpose room.
As Ms. Kellie Kido (8th grade PE teacher and athletics director) said, “it’s not a want, it’s a need.” HMS is in need for BAC because a new building dedicated to various recreational activities and physical education will improve our programs greatly. “I’m hoping they’ll enjoy it!” Kido said. She also predicts the gym is going to have a positive impact on students and staff, with many events such as assemblies being held in the athletic complex from now on. Since the beginning of the construction, a fence has been setup on the field to separate student areas from construction areas and to make construction deliveries and transportation easy and safe. “If the fence wasn’t there, kids are going to be running around and if a truck, like a cement truck, is driving to deliver, we can’t just tell the cement truck to stop and wait until the kids are gone back to class,” Ms. Kido explained. Students do agree the newly built complex is going to look appealing and appointed while being beneficial to the school and educational programs. “All are gonna be really surprised and it’s gonna look really nice,” Joseph Ng (7) said.

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