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Sean Chan
Sean Chan is currently 13 and in 8th grade at Huntington Middle School. His favorite part about school is going to special activities like the dances or Noontime Fun. When not at school, Sean spends his free time drawing, reading, writing in his diary, or playing video games. Some of his favorite series include Percy Jackson, Calvin and Hobbes, Lemony Snicket, Harry Potter. His favorite games range from Old Arcade Games to console games (ex.Wii/Wii U/Nintendo Switch). He is also in his Boy Scout Troop 358 currently working towards 2nd class. The favorite part about being a Boy Scout is going to camps during the summer and school year(weekends/breaks). His family has 2 siblings, Nathan and Emily. His brother likes to collect Pokemon cards and watch lots of shows/videos on Hulu and Youtube. His sister loves Hello Kitty, playing with her toys, and drawing. His dad, Wayne, loves to play Clash of Clans and tickle Sean and his siblings. His mom, Darbin, loves Hello Kitty and rarely plays Pacman. She helps with Reflections and the Carver Carnival as well as support both schools (Carver and HMS). In the future, he would like to become an actor or take part in the theatre. He wishes to also have a lovely family with 2 lovely children (hopes for no twins).

Sean Chan, Staff Writer

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